"More than a geographical coordinate,

latitude 180 represents the attitude needed to study

abroad and turn life into 180º "

Founded in 2018 in Southern Brazil by a PhD in International Strategic Studies (Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul – UFRGS) that works for more than 10 years in the field of International Education. Larissa Moreira has already been Director of International Affairs from different Universities in Brazil and loves the intercultural environmental. 

Our team is formed by young students that have already lived and studied abroad and were contaminated by the virus of interculturality. They are not afraid to discover the world and they are strongly prepared to encourage potential students to go abroad to live their experiences!

Latitude 180 succeeds in capitalizing upon our team's best attributes: our shared love of education and cultural exchange, travel, people, and communication. For your institution, this translates into effective and efficient intercultural communicators, experts in show Brazilian people the opportunities about study abroad!


Missão: Change lives of Brazilian Students providing the study abroad experience! 

Visão: To be recognized as the best company in Brazil to help International Universities and Brazilian Students to know each other!

Valores:  Attitude, commitment, courage to discover the world!



Latitude 180 is an international representation company specializing in Brazilian Market to make student recruitment through social media and face-to-face outreach. We offer education institutions a continuous representation experience from promotion to acceptance and through enrollment, we raise conversion and yield rates. 


We are able to represent your institution in all Brazil doing the follow services:

Full-time in-country representation

Seminars at High Schools and Brazilian Universities 

We can represent you in events and recruitment fairs in Brazil. This service includes a presencial office in Brazil to give support to all International and Brazilian professors and students related to your Institution.

We can delivery seminars about your institution and how is the application process directly to High School Students and Undergraduate students in all Brazil.

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Follow up with potential students

We can contact the students that are interested in study at your University to help them to do the best choice for a study program abroad.


Help future students in the application process

We can help personally the students in the application process to study at your institution, including the visa process and a culture shock training.

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Support the relationship between the Institution and prospective students by online meetings

We can organize students groups to go to study in your institution and promote the relationship between you before the travel by online meetings.

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Organize the reception of international groups in Brazil

We can host group of international students for short programs in Brazil – Business in Brazil, Brazilian Culture, Brazilian Arts. This programs can be customized.